About Leo

cropped-Leo.jpgLeo Cakounes from Harwich is the Republican candidate running for re-election for Barnstable County Commissioner. He is a hands-on farmer-businessman, running one of the biggest organic cranberry farms in New England. He also grows indigenous grasses for environmental betterment. Leo previously served in the County Assembly representing Harwich and served as the elected head of the Farm Bureau that serves Cape Cod for more than a decade. He is the current Chair of the Barnstable County Commissioners and has tackled many important issues and changes since his election.

Leo Cakounes
Leo G. Cakounes, Candidate
  • Present Barnstable County Commissioners, Chair
  • Previous Assembly of Delegates member (Harwich Representative)
  • Serving on Barnstable County Finance Committee
  • Past member of Cape Cod Commission (Harwich Representative)
  • Past member Town of Harwich Finance Committee
  • Married to Andrea with one daughter, Evangeline
  • Owner of Cape Farm Supply & Cranberry Co.
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Supports transparent government


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